• Empowering barangays
    for a changed Philippines
    It is EUC’s response to social responsibility – be an innovator in governance
    and bring the Philippines into a state of an evolving technology driven nation.

What is BarangayIT?

BarangayIT is a reliable automated system specially developed for the barangays in the Philippines.

Features of BarangayIT

Citizen's Profiling

Facilitates record tracking and managing of all the citizens' information within a barangay.

Ordinance Directory

Enables easy management, searching and viewing of all ordinances of a barangay.

Blotter Handling and Issuance of Patawag

Allows management for the peace-keeping operations of a barangay.

Business Directory

Enables easy tracking and managing of all the local businesses established within a barangay.

Issuance of Barangay Reports

Prepares and prints permits and certifications that are being issued to the citizen.

Ready to change the Philippines?

Just follow the following simple steps:


Check Requirements

Check if your machine fits the enlisted requirements.


Enter Registration Details

Register your barangay together with your three EUC members currently serving at your barangay.


Wait for the E-mail

Wait for the confirmation email containing the download link to the software.